If you follow my mastodon account, you might know that one of the reasons development stopped so suddenly was because I had intended to rewrite what little I had done using the Bevy game engine. Well, I bashed my head into that wall for a while but eventually came to the conclusion that Bevy just doesn’t have the UI amenities I’d need for Cathode.

That all is to say that I’m back to working on the original Tauri version of Cathode. Version 0.2.0 is available featuring a pretty big change that hopefully won’t be noticable. Originally the PNG was a raw HTML <img> tag that would be manipulated by javascript animations and generally scuffed CSS trickery. That has been replaced with a proper canvas, which simplifies some aspects of actually displaying the PNG and opens the door to more interesting post-processing and whatnot down the road.

Feature-wise there’s nothing to speak of, but overall the app should be more stable.

Anyways, I’ll let you get back to it :)

Happy tubin'!